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Black Owned Woman Owned
Eco friendly Recyclable Packaging
Micro-Batched Hand Blended
  • Free shipping Orders $75+
  • Black Owned Woman Owned
  • Eco friendly Recyclable Packaging
  • Micro-Batched Hand Blended


  • "My teas arrived today and this was the first one I tried. It was delicious! I loved the way it had a smooth cinnamon spice flavor, it made me feel like I was eating home made pie."


  • "Very very happy with my purchase. Will be adding all Of these loose leaf tea blends to my grocery list! And gifting them has been fun too. Especially to those that only know Lipton! Smiles all day!!"


  • "I made this tea for the first time today and it was delicious! It is a wonderful chai blend, and is unique in that it's made with white tea. Shipping was also very fast and everything came packaged so nicely. I look forward to trying more teas in the future! Thank you, LaTonia!"


  • Love Afro Blue! Pleasantly surprised when my girlfriend gifted me with this warm spiced treat. I noticed that gently crushing the leaves before steeping brings more flavor. Thanks!


  • "Jubilee tastes like a party in your mouth! I had it hot with a bit of honey. This is so delicious and I am so sad that I only got one of these as I it's limited edition! I would not be mad if this was added to the signature collection."


  • "I am in love with this blend! It’s been my new morning tea for the past week now and let me tell you, it makes even the work day feel like an easy Sunday morning! Also incredibly refreshing iced. I can’t wait to discover what other magic LaTonia has in store! If you are a green tea lover this is a MUST."


  • "I have been a coffee addict for a long time and have been trying to get off my coffee addiction for about two years. Rimshot is PERFECT for helping me as I am finally actually getting off coffee! It is warm, grounding and gives me the same comforting feeling that coffee used to give me, without the negative long term side effects of being over caffeinated. This tea blend is a perfect middle ground between coffee and tea! I love it!!"


  • "AMAZING (incense)! Perfect way to create an environment to relax and unwind. So far, I have Slow Burn, Exhale and Feel Flow. Slow Burn is refreshing and smells great! I love the the floral notes from the Jasmine which balances with the sandalwood and earthy kush. Exhale grounds me and encourages me to take deep breaths and reset. Feel Flow is my FAVORITE. I can't get enough of the coconut milk and honey scent. It's giving me spa massage at a beach vacation vibes. It has a scent of luxury. I can't wait for Heirloom. "


  • "Be Here is one of my favorite Adjourn tea blends! The Baozhong mixed with the papaya and coconut! This is a divine flavor profile that I never even knew would be so delicious. Will be purchasing again to share with friends! "


  • "Fell in love with Lovefreeze when I received it in my Luxe and Luminous box. Truly delicious and can't wait to get more and even try different flavors!heart"


  • "I bought this candle at Magnolia Spring at the Silos, and my gosh. It is so unique and beautiful. It’s somehow strong without being too overbearing. I recommend buying at least 100. It’s so good! "


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